Fun with GitOps stitching Kubernetes, Tekton, and Argo.

Roland Barcia
3 min readApr 13, 2020

Stitches and Ditches

As much as I love being on webex or zoom all day with co-workers and friends, one needs some work “play time” as well. This weekend I played around with stitching together different open source technologies . I wanted to see if I could wire together Tekton, Argo, and OpenShift. A full out DevOps pipeline probably stitches together even more than CI -> CD -> Platform. It includes stitching together repositories, multiple testing tools (Unit, Smoke, UAT, Perf, etc…), security scans (Code, Images, Running Containers, Network Vulnerabilities), etc…. I have to integrate each workload into that pipeline (Microservice App, Reactive App, Legacy Middleware, AI Chat Bot, etc…). As I am stitching things together, there is a mix of established tools and emerging tools.

One of the teams i lead focuses on accelerating “the stitching together” of tools for customers. Our Cloud Native Toolkit can be seen here. This is some brilliant work from some of my engineers and friends (Carlos Santana, Matthew Perrins, Sean Sundberg). More on this later.

I just published a simple git project to illustrate this end-to-end example i just did for fun.

The diagram below illustrates the scenario.

  • Use Argo to Deploy Tekton Pipelines. This is the great potential of Tekton, ability to treat it like any Kubernetes Config.
  • Use Tekton to build and publish my Container Image for a Node App.
  • Have Tekton hand off to Argo for deploying App and App Config.

I also used OpenShift 4.3 as my Kubernetes platform as they deliver Tekton and Argo through the Operator Framework.

In this example, I used 3 Technologies to keep it simple.

First off, I should explain GitOps but I do that in my short 5 minute video below.

To summarize the video:

  • GitOps is applying the development life…
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